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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use this digital Library?

Students and faculties in Gulbarga University, Hampi Kannada University, Vijayanagara University and from Gram Panchayats can use this digital library and access the content within the premises of Gulbarga University.

2. What kind of eBooks is stored in this Library?

eBooks in English and Kannada are available here. The topics covered are competitive examinations for employment and higher studies, reference books on collegiate subjects (Science, Commerce, Maths, Arts, Humanities, etc), personality development, capacity building (computer coding basics, computer operating skills, language skills, etc) classics and literature.

3. Can I access the eBooks remotely?

es, with the approval of Gulbarga University library and with access code.

4.Can same eBook be read by more than one user?

Yes, same eBook can be read simultaneously by more than one user. At a time, up to twenty users can read the same eBook.

5. What is "Upload Content?

Through this feature, Library Admin can their own content in PDF format, University or the Library should be the copyright owner of all such content uploaded. Unauthorised content should not be uploaded.

6. Why am I facing problems while uploading library profile image?

You need to upload your photo in the jpg format and the jpg file size must be smaller than 2 MB. Profile pictures and banners can be edited / uploaded only by library Admin.

7. Who can buy books in an eLibrary?

The registered admin user from Gulbarga University can contact Mintbook to purchase additional eBooks.

8. What does no copies available means?

It means that there are too many copies of the same eBook opened and the user should contact Admin to resolve this.

9. How can I add/remove user from my eLibrary?

Only the Admin of Gulbarga University can create users through the Manage User feature in the digital platform.

10. Can I download the eBook?

Yes. You can download the eBook within the premises of your library.

11. Can I remove the strikeout/highlighter line from an eBook?

Yes, select the strikeout/highlighted words and click on delete option in the toolbar.

12. Can I read books in my tablet/smartphone?

Yes, the eBooks are available for reading on all digital mediums.

13. Can I save the notes and see again later?

Yes, notes can be saved online and will be available even when you access the same book again.

14. I'm trying to access the application, but I'm getting the expired login message. What should I do?

Please contact your librarian / admin.

15. Can I, a user, purchase eBooks on the digital platform?

No, if you want additional eBooks please inform your MDL admin.

16. Can I have my own eBookShelf?

Yes. You can go to and register for a free eBookshelf.

Technical Support:
"Srikant Kumar Das"